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PN Haksar Papers, Transcript List III, P. 164


Subject Files 289, 290 , 291 and 292 are listed in Transcript List (IIIrd Installment) of PN Haksar Papers available at Nehru Memorial and Museum Library (NMML), New Delhi. These have not been categorised under “Prime Minister’s Secretariat” by the NMML. They are rather under a subject called as “Papers on Foreign relations, US, China, Pakistan, USSR etc.”

They are a bunch of random papers (in my assessment, early drafts of book written by a right wing ideologue on foreign policy matters). The drafts keep referring to “chapters” and also the “book”.

PN Haksar papers being a private collection have all kind of  stuff. Upon PN Haksar death in 1998, her daughter had deposited everything which was lying in his house to the NMML. These were then sorted out by the NMML and opened for researchers in mid-2000’s. However, being a private collection, the responsibility of attribution is always on the researcher.

On Page 164 of the Transcript List (IIIrd Installment), file 289, 290, 291 and 292 are listed.

Subject File No. 289 (undated): Papers Related to Importance of Tibetan Question in perspective of China’s Relations with India. 

Subject File No. 290 (undated): Reassessment of India’s National Interest and foreign policy in perspective of Japan, Britain, China, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan.

Subject File no. 291 (undated): Papers regarding “the Nature of the problem between India and Pakistan”.

Subject File no. 292 (undated): India and Nuclear Arms, brief survey of position in respect of the nuclear countries such as USA, USSR, France, Britain and China etc.


I checked who has looked at these files since 2009. Every file at NMML has a researcher’s log at the end of the file. Since 2009, both files 290 and 292 have been looked at by 11 scholars. I am not revealing the identity of the researchers but just providing the dates on which this file issued since 2009

Subject File 290:








5/12/2014 (I issued it on this date)

4/2/2015 (the author of the long telegram issued it on this date)




Subject File 292









13/2/2015 ( I issued this file on this date)

16/6/2015 (Ji Yeonjung of Belfer Center issues this file on this date)

8/4/ 2016

The author of the long telegram has not seen this file.

Subject File 289:

Researchers Log  was not there when I again saw it on 14th December 2016. NMML removes the log once the paper is full of names.

Subject File 291:

I have seen this file on 8/12/2014. Author of the “long Telegram” has not seen this file.


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  1. […] to them as portions of a book. We don’t know who the author is or if Haksar even read them. Since September 2009, ten other scholars have seen file no. 290. To my knowledge, none have used its contents for any […]


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