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Research Interests


My research interests lie at the intersection of history, theory and policy in the field of international relations and strategic studies.  My PhD deals with an issue of great interest for Foreign Policy Studies in general and the field of Indian Foreign Policy in particular: how do domestic political ideologies influence foreign policy behaviour and how constraints of international political structure regulate their impact on foreign policy decision-making? With the coming of the BJP in power, this study has acquired further relevance in terms of comparisons with BJP’s earlier term in power but also over BJP’s prospective foreign policy behaviour. All the three case studies in my PhD research – India’s nuclear policy, Indo-US relations and India-Israel Relations – continue to remain central to the conduct of contemporary Indian foreign policy.


Independently, I am working on the history of India’s nuclear submarine programme. The third leg of India’s nuclear deterrent with its implications for India’s nuclear strategy and doctrine is an area of immense interest both in the academia and the policy circles. I have done extensive archival research and oral history research on the evolution of India’s nuclear submarine programme and have published some of my initial findings with the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars. Subsequent research will also appear with the Woodrow Wilson Center and major academic journals in the coming years.


My published work so far has focussed upon three issue-areas: Indian foreign policy, Indian nuclear strategy, and its role in Asia Pacific’s emerging balance of power. These issue-areas remain central to my research interests and I would continue to focus on these areas both theoretically and in terms of policy.

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